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Wakaya Organic Fijian Ginger Tea


Brand Wakaya

The Absolute Source Organic Pink Fijian Ginger Tea is made with Wakaya Perfection’s rare and proprietary 100% organic pink Fijian ginger that has been thoughtfully hand-cultivated in a nutrient enriched pristine virgin volcanic soil on the private island of Wakaya in Fiji. Known as the universal remedy, Ginger has been honored around the world and across time for its unique medicinal properties.
Enjoy the spicy warming nature of the Organic Pink Fijian Ginger  while it helps you strengthen the body’s digestion, ease nausea, support the absorption of nutrients and eliminate harmful toxins.

DIRECTIONS: Drink two to three cups of The Absolute Source Organic Pink Fijian Ginger Tea every day to restore balance to the mind & body. Let steep for 2 to 4 minutes. If you like, serve with honey or your favorite sweetener.