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Newborn Diaper Rental - Add on, 24 Cloth Wipes


Brand EcoBaby

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Cloth wipes are the sensible and cost-effective alternative to disposable wipes.  They also work phenomenally better at cleaning your little one’s bum, messy hands, and faces too!  Simply toss the soiled wipes along with the diaper into your diaper pail or wet bag until laundry day. 

Cloth wipes can be used a variety of ways, the most common recommendation are:

  • Store them wet and ready-to-go in a wipe warmer (or a plastic container)
  • Store them dry, then wet them as needed (use a spray bottle, pump pot, or run the wipes under the faucet)

Based on a modest estimation, you can save a minimum of $100 a year by using cloth wipes rather than disposable wipes! 

Add on 24 flannel cloth wipes and a spray bottle for your wipe solution (that is yours to keep) to your Newborn Diaper Rental.