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Mammoth Allie Diffuser


Brand naeo

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This is a brand new 2015 model with new and improved water sensor and ultrasonic ceramic diffusion plate.   Using eco-friendly wood print on durable plastic allows for a bamboo/wood look and the durability of plastic.   This diffuser holds 135mL of water with a simple On/Off button for approximately 3 hours of diffusion. 

The automatic shutoff sensor automatically turns the device off when water is out to prevent device from overheating.  The Mammoth Allie also uses low voltage 12v DC for safe uses around children and infants.  

To clean and use has never been easier.  Simply lift the top up and pour water with 2-3 drops of aromatherapy grade essential oil.  

Q: How long does the Allie diffuser run? The Mammoth diffuser will run for about 3 hours continuously. There is only 1 continuous diffusion setting. 

Q: How many drops of essential oil do I need? You must only use aromatherapy grade essential oil. With a full tank of water, you should only add 2-3 drops of essential oil. 

Q: Is the Mammoth Allie safe to use? Of course. This aromatherapy diffuser uses low voltage to power on. Therefore making it safe to use for yourself and loved ones. Also, it has CE & RoHS safety certification.