Food Cubby


Brand Food Cubby

When your 6-year old girl tells you she wants to stay home from school because she "doesn't have enough time to invent things," and goes off to her room each day for hours to work on "projects," it's time to start listening. 

 After the prototypes of 'dream machines,' 'stuffie carriers,' homemade games, airplane models and other inventions started to build up in the corners of Ruby's room, we figured we would empower her constant stream of ideas by showing her how one of her creations -- molded, taped, stapled together or otherwise -- could become an actual product. 

 The Food Cubby is Ruby's first design on the market, but certainly not her last!

Using plates you already have (instead of buying then tossing out more plastic), make a plate divider, or use the Food Cubby to more easily get food onto utensils... Create your own solution!


  • Works on a clean, smooth plate with 6-10" flat diameter

  • Is FDA-approved, food-grade silicone. Silicone is BPA-free and doesn't support the growth of bacteria.

  • Prefers handwashing, but is dishwasher safe to 300 degrees

  • Fits about 1/2 cup of food inside its walls - good for portion control!


To use: 

  • Press uniformly on both sides of the Food Cubby to get a good seal

  • You'll get an even better suction when it's a little wet

  • Use the tabs on the front ends to peel it off when mealtime is over