It really does take a village and in our Back to Nature with Mothering Instincts for pregnant moms and babies 0 - 6 mos you'll be supported as a mother and meet other new mommies in SWFL. You'll receive evidence-based information on growing a healthy and happy baby, as well as get a chance to ask questions and share with other mommies. Each week in our comfortable play area we'll connect and discuss a. Babies will also enjoy playing and exploring with natural toys.

The Mommy Support + Playgroup is designed for pregnant and first-time mothers of babies 0 - 6 months old.

Registration is required, as space is limited. Children are welcomed in our classes/events. For questions, please call the store at 239-433-2229. Class is $40 per mother-child. This class will be approximately 3 hours long. 

Together we will explore:  

Mothering Skills -We want you to feel empowered. A mothers instincts are so powerful. As a mothering community we will help you feel supported and learn to listen to your mommy instincts.  

Relaxation and Balance -Having a new baby can tip the balance in your home and self. We will help you find natural ways of coping and support as you come into your new role as a mommy.

Spousal Connections -After nine months of pregnancy and countless hours of labor, followed by taking care of a new baby every moment of the day, couples quite often find themselves asking, “What happened to us?” " Our mothering community will give a few suggestions to help try to make the most of the time you do have available with your spouse enjoyable.

Babywearing -Kangaroos do it! You can too! Learn how babywearing can help build bonds and relationships.

Sleep and Baby Routines -You may be wondering if you will ever sleep again...don't worry! We will share some tips to help everyone feel well rested.

Child Development -Why isn't my baby rolling over yet? Understanding milestone timelines can be very helpful and relieve a lot of pressure from the "baby race".

Starting Solids and Feeding -BLW? Is that a new text message abbreviation? Feeding is often one of the top questions new mommys have. We will discuss options and resources to make this transition a 'piece of cake'!

Communication -Infants have so much to say from the moment they are born! Learn ways to understand your baby and be able to communicate back.


About the Facilitator...

I'm Cynthia Butler, I am currently studying for my formal Post Partum Doula training to share my passion of helping new parents in this beautiful transition in their lives. I have provided volunteer breastfeeding support for two years and facilitated monthly play groups, building community and relationships with other new moms.

I have personal experience connecting with mothers with postpartum depression and anxiety, an array of breastfeeding challenges, and parents who just need an extra pair of hands, a nap, and a listening ear!

Most importantly, I am the mother of a beautiful and spirited two year old daughter, and have had an amazing postpartum and breastfeeding experience!