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Welcome to EcoBaby and Home’s blog. My name is Allison and I’ll be your host for all sorts of eco-friendly fun involving your baby and home. My transition into a natural lifestyle happened pretty quickly as soon as I learned I was pregnant in 2011. I became concerned about the risks and toxins surrounding us that previously I had given very little thought. I began searching for alternatives and this led me down the path of having a midwife-attended home birth, using cloth diapers, breastfeeding, babywearing, ridding my home of hazardous materials, and generally becoming a more peaceful person, spouse, and parent. Fortunately, I have a fantastic husband who fully supports what may sometimes start out sounding like crazy antics, and now a beautiful, 17 month old daughter, Elisa, whose health and happiness tells me that I may be on the right track.

Through my journey to make the most informed decisions possible for my family, I discovered that it’s not only safer, but in many cases easier and cheaper to go the eco-friendly route, but oftentimes, people don’t realize this. It can sometimes be difficult to wade through the wealth of conflicting information that is available at our fingertips so I have become passionate about finding a way to provide easily accessible information to other moms, dads, grandparents, and caregivers who are interested in making small changes that will benefit themselves, their families, and the planet.  

As a new member of the EcoBaby family and I am so excited to be able to help provide information to anyone just now getting their crunchy feet wet, or to seasoned crunchy folks who are just looking for new ideas.

Meet the rest EcoBaby and Home Family

Anyone who has gone looking for a local place to buy cloth diapers, ergonomically correct baby carriers, and toys and clothing made from organic materials in SWFL knows that EcoBaby and Home is unique, but it is so much more than just a store filled with awesome products. It’s filled with real people who have a passion for the future of our children and the planet, and most important, for educating people about their options when it comes to their homes and families. I might be the new mouthpiece, but I am probably the least of whom you should have the honor of meeting here.

Say “hello” to Tanya.

Tanya has been with EcoBaby and Home since early 2012. She has helped it grow from a diaper service to a beautiful store which also holds classes and other events. Tanya’s family includes her husband and her two children, Lydia (4) and Cooper (2). When she was pregnant for the first time, she was inspired by her sister to learn about cloth diapers, and from there, she became interested all different aspects of natural parenting. She had a waterbirth, breastfed, and from there has become an advocate for parents who are seeking to make the best decisions they can for their families. In addition to managing EcoBaby and Home, Tanya does post-partum home visits for clients of a local birthing center and owns a Volkswagen parts store with her husband.  

Tanya is known as the cloth diaper and babywearing guru. At EcoBaby, she teaches classes on both subjects which help people learn the different products that are available and how to use them. Everyone who has the opportunity to attend one of Tanya’s sessions learns that natural parenting is not nearly as complicated as it once was or may seem when you’re looking at a computer screen.

Last, but certainly not least…

Drumroll please…

Introducing Mrs. Ecobaby herself…


Kim is the woman, along with the help of her hubby Mike, “Sparky,” who brought EcoBaby and Home to life. In 2002, she gave birth to twins and started out using disposable diapers. When they were unable to beat a pesky diaper rash, an aunt sent them prefold diapers, and Voila! The rash was gone! They began looking for a diaper service in the SWFL area, but could not find anything.

Fast forward eight years, Sparky lost his job, so they two of them decided to open a business and remembered the void when they had tried finding a diaper service years earlier. At that point, they opened Eco-Baby Diaper Service. Taking input from customers and her own experience with transitioning her family and home into a more natural, eco-friendly environment after she had children, Kim began expanding to sell cloth diapers, baby carriers, and other natural products. Eventually, the retail store was opened in June 2012 with the goal of being a natural parenting resource for our community.    

As the proprietor of EcoBaby and Home, Kim uses her own experience and those of her customers, when selecting products. Much of what you can find in the store, you can find in her own home. Other items, such as Baltic Amber, came due to customer demand and have become a mainstay.

EcoBaby is constantly expanding it’s repertoire of not only products, but also services. Already this includes: a newborn diaper kit, diaper trial kit, story time, infant CPR, Positive Parenting, Meet the Doulas, Baby Sign Language, car seat safety checks, manners class, and much more that I’m neglecting to mention.

Thank you for joining us and I hope that you’ll check back often to see blog updates with information about upcoming events, fun facts about natural topics, how-tos, and other exciting stuff. For now, I’ll leave you with a reminder that on October 12th, we’re participating in the annual National Costume Swap. Come reduce waste and save money by swapping your kids’ old Halloween costumes for something new-to-you.    

September 12, 2013 by Allison Lund
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