An Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day

Traditional Valentine’s Day gifts are disposable. Millions of Valentine’s cards, flowers, and cardboard boxes of chocolate are destined for the landfill – not very symbolic of our lasting romantic love! So why not express love for your sweetie and the Earth this Valentine’s Day, with 5 eco-friendly gift ideas from EcoBaby and Home.

Set the Mood with the Right Scent. What we smell greatly influences our mood. But perfumes are often made with chemicals and artificial fragrances, some with toxic ingredients. Pure essential oils are made from the aromatic compounds in plants and have been used throughout history for their therapeutic and medicinal benefits. Whisper, a blend of doTERRA essential oils, is said to impart beauty, femininity and allure, with oils including rose, jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood. Perfect for a Valentine’s massage or a romantic bath.

Get Organic in the Shower. Unlike expensive scented soaps made with unpronounceable chemical ingredients, Bubble & Bee Fresh Lavender Organic Shower Gel is made from natural components including organic coconut oil, vegetable glycerin and organic aloe vera. The lavender scent comes from organic essential oils, and, since lavender makes you feel relaxed and calm, is the perfect way to make the stress of the day wash away.

Plant a Tree – or a Flower, or a Shrub. It is estimated that 244 million cut roses will be given on Valentine’s Day. Instead of a flower that fades in a few days (and that was likely grown with harmful pesticides and fertilizers), give your love a gift that keeps growing. Plant a tree in honor of your loved one, or if you like flowers, give a flowering rose bush, and plant it together. The Forest Nation Tree Kit allows you to plant one tree, then the organization will plant an additional tree for you in a developing country. What’s romantic about that? Your love will swoon when you name and dedicate your tree to him or her! Your tree will be symbol of your love – growing for decades to come. No yard? And indoor herb garden can be as simple as a little pot by a window. Try planting basil for love or oregano for joy.

Treat Your Lips. Double-ended Badger Lip Tints & Shimmer have a lip tint on one end and a shimmery gloss on the other. Tinted with safe, USP-grade minerals and made from Certified Organic ingredients including extra virgin olive oil, aloe vera, and antioxidant-rich Fair Trade Certified cocoa butter, they will leave your lips smooth and refreshed, and ready to pucker up to your Valentine.

Find Love Outdoors. Spending time in nature has been proven to reduce stress, increase immune function and decrease the symptoms of ADHD, among other benefits. Take a picnic to a park, stroll the beach at sunset, or get out on the Gulf on a cruise for two. Shared experiences build memories, which last longer than even the biggest box of chocolates. So have a date to play outside for two, (or maybe the whole family) and make a memorable Valentine’s Day.


What are your Valentine's Day or Weekend Plans? Tell us and enter for a chance to win a Forest Nation Tree for your loved one :) we will pick a winner on Friday 2/15!

February 10, 2014 by Katie Betz
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