Traveling with Cloth Diapers

When we started with our CDs, we didn’t know what we were getting into and were open to options such as using disposables when we were out and about.  It didn’t take us long to be used to the routine of cloth and not want to have a whole different sizing system and routine to deal with when we left the house. Plus, Elisa had a diaper rash which cleared up almost immediately once we switched. All around, when it came time for us to take a little trip, it seemed silly for me to start paying for diapers.

Now that we had made the decision to stick with our CDs even when we’re out, we needed to get our diaper bag ready.  Here’s how we do it:

Every time we go out, I grab a few diapers, enough that will last for the day.  I carry a purse large enough to stick a few of them in along with some our wipes which I just wet with water. I have two wet bags which get rotated and when she needs changing, I do it as normal, pull out the inserts, shove the whole thing in the wet bag and it stays in my purse or car. If it’s a solid, I make a point of changing her in the bathroom so it can be flushed and rinse the diaper if necessary, (it usually isn’t). Once I’m home, I just dump the whole thing, bag and all, into my diaper laundry bag and wash them as normal. I have never had an odor issue and I have never though, “Geez, this day would be so much less complicated if that one dirty diaper weren’t shoved at the bottom of my purse.”

We’ve also gone away for weekends and done basically the same thing.  I take my whole stash, or however much seems reasonable for that period of time and take my large wet bag, just as I always would.  Obviously, I don’t go anywhere that I don’t have a home base, so I just leave the stuff wherever we’re staying or in our car.  I’ve traveled to visit family and friends and I’ve never had anyone mind if I run them in the laundry and I talk to them about it beforehand. The two times we traveled by plane, I made a point of laundering them right before we left so I wouldn’t be traveling with as many dirty diapers, but again, that was something I knew and planned ahead for.  The fact is, people who don’t co-sleep have to figure out sleeping arrangements, non-breastfeeders need to be prepared to make formula, and we all have to make sure our husbands clothes match. Any way we twist it, us mammas have more planning to do than if we were traveling alone.  I really think that switching to disposables for a few days would be a much bigger hassle.

Diapers are a pain, it doesn’t matter what kind, it’s the diapers, not the cloth, that is a hassle.  People who haven’t tried cloth, the shocking opponents of a system that harms no one and that they’ve never tried, make it sound as if disposables are just so fun and awesome.  They’re still a bag of poop strapped to your kid’s rear that you are going to have to clean.  If I have to deal with them, whether it’s at my house, when I’m traveling, or just out for the day, I’m proud to say that when I’m cleaning poop off my kid, I’m also not breaking the bank, filling up a landfill, or putting some strange, super absorbent bizarr-o chemical near her adorable little butt.

Seriously, her butt is so adorable.

Tell Us! What is your going out diaper routine?

January 07, 2014 by Allison Lund
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