Dad's Birth Story

As promised, here’s my husband’s version of our birth at home.

It was 6am Wednesday April 18, my wife said to me “don’t go to work today my contractions are started.”  I was excited, and finally we were going to meet our baby soon.

During the day my mother in law and me were cleaning the house.  While we were waiting, Allison was in the bed and the contractions were an hour apart that time.

I was timing the contractions; I was excited, scared at the same time, I didn’t know what I was going to see.

Dawn, our midwife, arrived at 5:35 and the contractions were 5 min apart.  It was good to have her in the house knowing she had done this 199 times before.  She taught me how to lift up Allison’s hips so it could take the pressure off her back when she had the contractions.

The contractions were down to a few minutes and Allison was in pain.  She threw up a few times.  It was hard to see her go through this, I was there trying to do whatever she wanted me to do.

After she had been going forth and back to the birth pool in the kitchen, we decided that I was going to be in the pool with her to support her.

Every time Allison had contractions she was moving around screaming and I was trying to calm her down by telling her to focus on her breathing, and hold her hand.  I was feeling uncomfortable and scared.  In between the contractions Allison was a sleep for 30 sec and was passed out.

I remembered looking at Dawn at some point kind of like “is this normal, is she OK” and Dawn said it was normal.

Our hands were starting to be wrinkly after having been in the water for 3 hours.  Allison was screaming really loud when she pushed.  I saw the top of a head come out and then it went in again and that time there was so many things and feelings running through me it was amazing , I knew that she was going to be in our arms soon.

When she pushed the last time, Allison flipped over and was standing on her arms and knees, Dawn grabbed the baby’s head and kept saying “push Allison push,” suddenly she was out, Dawn laid her on Allison’s chest, Allison kept saying “it’s my baby it’s my baby.”

I could not say anything I was in shock, I was a daddy.

After 5 min Dawn wanted Allison to go in the guestroom and lay down, when Allison stood up there was a lot of blood coming out of her, I asked Dawn “is that normal” and she said “yes, don’t worry.”

35 min had gone by and we still did not know what gender it was.  Allison was lying on the bed with the baby and finally she lifted up the baby’s leg and said “IT’S A GIRL, I got a baby girl,” Dawn and my mother-in-law came in the room.

Now we had to pick a name for her we have cooked it down to 2 names and we were going to do heads or tails.  I won, but after a few minutes I felt bad that Allison lost and I told her that we could pick the name she want and she said “its ok I like the name you picked”.

Finally it was time to cut the umbilical cord. Dawn asked if I would do it and I said “yes,” it was no problem considering all the things I have seen that night. I will just say that women are tough. When we all 3 went to bed that night I still hadn’t swallowed that I was a dad, so many things just happened.  Next morning when I woke up I walked over and stood next to the crib just watching Elisa breathe.  It was the most amazing thing that happened in my life.

December 09, 2013 by Allison Lund
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