I want to babywear: What baby carrier is the best?

“Which carrier is my favorite?”  “Is one carrier better than all of the others?”  “Can I nurse in any baby carriers?”

I get asked these questions, and many others, quite often here at EcoBaby.

First things first.  I don’t have a favorite carrier. It honestly changes from month to month or even week to week.  I like each one for different purposes.  For instance, if I am headed to the post office or have to run into a store for something quick, I love my ring sling.  It’s so easy to just pop my two-year-old son in and out.

If I know it’s going to be a longer trip, I reach for a soft structured carrier, mei tai, or woven wrap.  How I select one depends on the mood of my son, the weather, the time I will have available to get him on and off my back, and even what it closest as I run out the door.  Yes, I have a lot of carriers, but that is because this is a passion of mine.  Some people spend their money on beer or knick-knacks, while I spend mine on cloth diapers and baby carriers.

Choosing a carrier which carrier is best for you is dependent on a few factors.  Which type of carrier is more appealing to your eye? Do you want buckles or straps?  Are you intrigued by all the different ways of wrapping and the versatility of a woven wrap?  Once you have answered those questions, try them on!  What is comfortable for me or your best friend may not fit your body type comfortably.

I feel honored to be able to work at a store where you can come into touch and try on the various styles and I love teaching classes for people with questions, or who are having difficulty making a decision.  If you don’t live in SWFL, you can always rent a carrier for two weeks and see how you feel about it.  You can also locate a local babywearing group near you to get helpful tips and advice and maybe even find someone willing to let you try on their different carriers!

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